event security

Emun Events

As part of the service improvement and expansion trend at Moked Emun, we have merged all the services of the prestigious event security unit under a single umbrella – Emun Events
Emun events operates with the perspective that a security system should meet the high standards of your event and offer it the added value of special services such as:

  • Event security – Moked Emun has accumulated years of experience in securing 5-star level prestigious events. Moked Emun invests in its security officers and provides security solutions for the highest level prestigious events. A security officer, whose appearance matches the nature of the event, will be positioned at the entrance to the event and will greet the guests, while providing professional and courteous service.
  • Valet parking – a 5-star level vehicle parking service
  • Home security during the event – Emun Events offers a unique home security service during the course of the event.
  • Shuttle service – A 5-star level shuttle service for the entire duration of the event from the parking lot to the event entrance.
  • Steward and usher services – Stewardesses greet the guests at the entrance to, and during, the event.
    Emun Events runs a team of meticulously selected security officers whose appearance matches the nature of the event, with an emphasis on reliable, professional and courteous service.